Looking for an affordable (DIY) CNC machine

Hi all,

I am looking for an affordable CNC machine. Commercial machines and kits remain a huge cost when you don’t have access to a fablab or somebody who can do it for you in your area.
Did someone test the Maslow CNC or have an opinion on it? Or are there open-source plans for self-building a CNC machine that would be suitable to make Wiki House elements at the fraction of the cost of a commercial one?
I’ve seen what looks like a self-build CNC machine with a plywood frame in Alastair Parvin’s presentation on Ted Talk. Is this an existing machine or just a 3D model?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


This is a very lightweight machine. Bolting into the floor may help.

For the more committed:


I will be watching for an Xmas Sale! :wink: :christmas_tree:


Edit: some users report table movement. Maybe adding weight to the table frame would help.

Pro-Level half-sheet size: Phantom 4x4 ft


Pro-Level Full Sheet: Laguna Swift 4x8


Hi there,

Currently trying out the Lowrider 3 from V1 Engineering. Will cost you less then a fully build 4x8 CNC. You can size it up to 4x8 (like I just did :)). Will let you know how well it’s going.

It’s a mostly print CNC which will save you some money and can achieve some fair cutting. It’s a hobby machine but would get you started. So far I learned a TON! by building it myself. Check this link: LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation

I was also looking at the maslow, but the side cutting got me off and calibration with users seems messy a bit.

Honestly, I would say that the community while learning the CNC journey is so important. I have a CNC plasma but there is no community backing it which makes the learning curve way harder.



Another decent entry-level choice. I would bolt into a concrete floor.

Hi Lalonde,

I hope you are well.

How are you getting along with your Lowrider 3? Have you moved onto another CNC now, or are you still working with this one?

Can you suggest, given your experience, if could be used for a complete house (single story, pitched roof?