MiniWikiHouse - Help Needed

Would anyone be willing to cut up some bits and bobs for me so I can make some miniature WikiHouses? I don’t mind playing around in the digital realm, but I think it would spark some creative juices.

I will of course pay for your time, materials, shipping, etc. My location is Port Angeles, WA, USA.


Maybe check with your local makerspaces or library for some help, @matmoo. Often these places will have laser cutters that are ideal for making miniature models. If you are at a loss, then I might be able to help you out.

Good advice, but I have no local options - Small city. I’d love to start a makerspace around here, but that will require some time.

I’m not in a big hurry, it just would be nice to play around.

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I believe you are looking for 1/6th scale as you can find 3mm boards that should work together well.


I can laser cut 3 mm boards easily. @matmoo if you get me a bill of materials I’ll get you some time estimates and costs. I’m in IL.

Okay, thanks! I’ll get to work on that and get back to you.

@Steve I’m still working on this btw :confused:
I’ve been trying to model some stuff in Fusion360 and maybe the way that it’s imported created this crazy nested bodies scenario, so there was a lot of clean up to do.
I saw on the other thread that you are scaling down a model already, so you literally just need the list of materials and not a file, is that correct?

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Yea I’ll do the nesting because it will depend on the size sheets for the 3 mm thickness material. All I need is a bill of materials. It’s not as simple as just scaling everything to 1/6 the size. Accuracy is still required and there is some post-processing. It looks like a laser cutter is out of the question for me at the moment so I’ll be using a CNC machine thus manufacturing will likely take just as long, perhaps half as long, as a full-scale house.
When you are ready @matmoo sent me a message and I’ll get a quote for you along with a timeframe. If this is acceptable then I’ll draw up an invoice we’ll proceed!

Hey @matmoo if you need some help with the design let me know. My CNC partner and I are very knowledgeable with Fusion 360. If you like we can do some sort of template design like a 30x30.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for that. The one hiccup that I am running into when playing with Skylark 250 in SketchUp(Fusion 360 is abysmally slow, I’ve found) is that I couldn’t see a way, with the blocks given, to incorporate a door or window into the wall end (gable side). I’ve got a bit of design paralysis, so maybe it would be nice for now just to get a few components to see/feel how it comes together.

Here is my list:
End walls g1-4,
two medium corners, six medium walls, one medium door, one medium window, one medium end, four medium floors, a verge, four roof gs, and then all the associated combs, pegs, and ties.

A End X1 x2
A End X2 x2
A End Y1 x2
A End Y2 x2
A Mid 1 x6
G End X1 x4
G Mid X1 x4
G End Y1 x2
G End Y2 x2
G Mid Y1 x4

Let me know what your estimate is when you have the chance. No hurry