Hello all.
I would like to improve such an old caravan / mobile home (see pic below) with the help of skylark “100” design. Is there somewhere to download data for “100” please?
3D models but made from “250”: Caravan - Floor M v1 (approx. 3m x 5.4m) - Download Free 3D model by zewaho [343099d] - Sketchfab

Is it thinner blocks you’re after? The thinnest we have is Skylark 200. @Jason tells me we have some 150 (still work-in-progress) for floors and mono pitch roofs only. Otherwise, maybe @Piyush has a hybrid system thinner than 200?

Hi Jiri,

Your old caravan looks very inspiring. With respect to Skylark-100, 100mm doesn’t really work for skylark design, considering you have two layers of 18mm plywood that would leave 64mm for cross members.

Having said that, You could use something like this This uses hybrid of wikihouse WREN and BLACKBIRD with ability to dismantle the structure.

Hope this helps.