Modular system of piping/ducting/wiring

The real issue with wikiHouse is that it’s just framing, you still need plumbers and electricians. Specialty labour. However, there must be a way to engineer in a crosshatched gated system of piping/wiring/ducting such that you could turn the connection between bricks on/off like a gate in an fpga. Is that possible?

Hi Jaygernaught, I agree services is a real hurdle to overcome with wikihouse. I think the servcice zone built into the wall & floor panels works well. However, In terms of MVHR, I think the provision of holes in the floor stucture works in principle however from experience fitting MVHR systems can be troublesome with multiple pipes occupying a small space and often requires some movment of pipe runs in situ. A grated sysem would work better but this will reduce the structure of the floor cassette. I think this will be something I look at more when the time comes to install a MVHR into a live project.

Thanks for that.

Yeah I am a total novice and you make a fair point, there are service zones. That’s great.

But if I’m building with your blocks I want to be able to plug my electrical and water etc into the wall and boom the house is ready to go.

Framing a barndonium and getting someone to run the wires and the pipes isn’t so bad.

But if the wikiHouse popped up and was ready to go, pipes and electrical all through it, just needed hooking up, that would be great. Maybe it’s not really possible or practical though.