Moveable Garden Studio

I’m building a small garden studio this month (6m x3m) - has anyone built one that was intended to be moved? What did you use for foundations and bearing rails? We would like it to be off of the ground at the current location and then we will likely move it with a truck to a new location in a year or so, where it will be placed onto a more permanent foundation.

We do have the option of deconstructing it and rebuilding if that’s the recommended solution.

Hey @lachlan. There may be others out there who have done something like this, but from my knowledge Phil from Real Living Homes built a similarly sized garden studio with Skylark v0.1 using just ‘Jackpad’ footings mounted to a solid timber bearer rail. In theory this would make it possible just to lift and crane with a Hiab truck. You may be able to pick it out in the video here (note the old Combs included here):

The other option may be to use some kind of mini screw piles, that could be hand-installed but bolted to the timber bearer in such a way that could decouple so the building could be lifted off. Maybe something like Surefoot in NZ or ground screws such as these for garden studios?