Nesting to minimise waste wood

Has anyone tried out

It takes your CNC-ready files and based on the number of duplicates you do, it looks like it can optimise material usage.

Would love to hear your thoughts - I’ll come back with my feedback once my CNC arrives in a few months.

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Yes, I’ve used deepnest for multiple projects in the past. I designed parts using fusion360 for laser cutting. I can make a drawing on each face and export that as a dxf, then nest the files for cutting. I’m not familiar with using this software for CNC but I can’t imagine its complicated.

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Fusion 360 and Inventor share a nesting and manufacturing software package that is very andvanced and uniqualed by most other programs. Especially as it is integrated with the designs and can just recaculate in case of a change.
I didn’t work with Deepnest but am in general reluctant to use stand alone software, as integrated software has so much more advantages.

What I think can help the most to make plywood waste usefull:

Create a library of simple handy usefull objects that can be cut out of waste boards!


  • StepUp stairs
  • folding chairs
  • stacking/hamering blocks
  • wedges
  • extra bow ties
  • stackable crates
  • cutting boards
  • children toys
  • company logos
  • (very beafy) business cards :wink:

These make any waste usefull and create a pleasure to build.
Is ther some, who would like to start an easy accessable library of models for these?

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Got it. Since posting this I’ve been looking at the Fusion360 Arrange function and the Nesting & Fabrication extension; I agree about not using standalone software.

I love the idea of making items out of the scraps - I’ll post any items we design that fit in the excess space. Happy to group them in a public Google Drive as well.

I have to double check this, but I think NZ regulations might require me to use treated wood (which has a bit of a green tinge), so I’m likely to use scraps for bow ties and other small Wikihouse components, rather than day-to-day objects.

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