New library LIVE

Hi all, just to let you know the 0.2 library is live on our website, including design kits for Skylark 200 and 250. Head over there and let us know what you think (and if you find any bugs, please just let us know!)


Thanks Mel and well done team.

A couple of niggles. I’ve been home with covid this week so downloaded the 200 design kit file only to find it a bit big to use in Sketchup free. Trying to save the entire file caused a Trimble error everytime. I’m sure it’s fine in Sketchup Pro but the web version struggled. I resorted to using the Blocks library shown in your post above to download individual blocks. However, using either your back navigation or the browser back command defaults the website page back to SKYLARK 250. Painful when you only want to work in 200. Small niggles as I said but keep up the good work. Many thanks. Andy

I am working on the 250 detailed file and it does not have L gable walls in it. I am using rhino.

Hi @UrbanColab, sorry we haven’t provided that block yet. It is on the to-do-list, but we are currently prioritising the simplified version of the blocks and the assembly manual. If you are on a tight schedule, I would suggest to start from the S/M blocks and develop the L version from them.

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Thanks. I appreciate it.

I am very happy to see the continued progress!

Keep it up.

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