New manufacturing partner in Morocco

Hello to everyone here.

My name is Jon Arellano, a pleasure being the new member of this community, I am eager to know more and more about everything wikihouse can offer, as I just discovered the project recently and still feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities and information.

I want to explain you a little bit about what I am into, and I will really appreciate any help and advise you can share with me on how to start with it.

Although I am from Spain, I am developing a furniture manufacturing installation in Tangier, north of Morocco, along with a local partner. Our initial idea was just to focus on the furniture, but after discovering your interesting project, we are thinking in developing a social project in the north of the country, were it could fit perfectly.

We have the needs, the chance to implement some local community work, the CNC machinery to create it and the local technical design team. The government is eager of actions of this type, anything that helps the rural and out of the big towns’ areas, very far behind into development compared to those great urban centres, and full of young unemployed people.

So, any initiative that helps on those subjects is more than welcome and has all the support of the local authorities.

Now I only lack some small guidance on those first steps to start working with your system.

I hope that our idea can fit the philosophy you are after, and that we can share developments and projects for several years to come.

Thanks in advance to all of you. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards.

Jon Arellano

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Hi Jon, we did some rushed ideas for Turkiye EQ areas but didn’t get very far from distant Australia. But our idea was to re Build back better with a small 2 storey WikiHouse i.e. living area down stairs, bedroom area up as an initial response housing and then the accommodation can be expanded sideways over time, either in single double storeys in two wings of a courtyard and then enclose the courtyard with high wall to restore social and climate sensibilities. Have hand sketches which i can send if you have a direct email address?
Graham Osborne, Archtect,


thanks for your response.
indeed it seems like a rpetty interesting project, you can share with me details on the following mail:

Also, i would like to know if we can arange a videomeeting to know a little more about you, and to know how can we start with the manufacturing in morocoo, as we are preparing our assembly plant on the next months.

Once again, thanks for your kind help, have a nice day!

Hello Jon Arellano,

I am a B.Sc. Melchior Hof, designer of plywood building systems & custom constructions. I have many years of experience with designing, CNC cutting and building WikiHouse and forking systems. I also have a CNC workshop on the other side of the pond, near Granada, South Spain.

Although you have a CNC machine yourself, if you are interested I can also supply you services of designing, foundations and finishing the plywood structure.

I regularly online with clients all over the world, so we can have a video call to get acquainted if you are interested.


B.Sc. Melchior Hof
WikiHome S.L.
VAT: ESB02681351
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18420 LanjarĂłn, Granada, Spain
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