New to WikiHouse and would love some help with Skylark 250!

Hello everyone!

My name is Doug and I hail from beautiful British Columbia, Canada!

I have a 20 acres farm with a bustling Agri-tourism business. I currently have 10 bell tents but would like to start replacing them with WikiHouses! I used to be a CAD jewelry designer and used Rhino extensively (Plugin called Matrix). So I do understand CAD/CAM principles. I am exploring router options right now so my plan is to have all my manufacturing done in-house on the farm.

I would like to prototype my first WikiHouse and use Skylark 250 to do so. I am looking for help with designing and manufacturing on a consulting basis. I am willing to pay to get this work done. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can talk further.

Keep up the amazing work!



Hi Doug,
We have been working with Jeff from
|Jeff is in BC CA but not sure how far away he is?
Drop him an email a to introduce yourself as he is about to build a WikiAirbnb, which we have designed for CA.
We have Skylark 200 WikiAirbnb and other small Skylark cabins as well. Pls send us an email to and we can send you some sample plans.
Stay Warm, Graham Osborne

Interested ,
Would we discuss about designs , scope of work, @DougiD
My email :

Hey Doug,

I’m a bit further south in Port Angeles, WA and would be interested in helping you assemble when the time comes, as I would like to build some of these in the future.

Awesome! I will give you an email

Hi Mat,

Absolutely. We would love to have your hands to help and learn with us! Give me a shout at and we can discuss further.

Hi Graham!

That’s amazing that you’ve been doing this since 2015. You really saw the vision, my man! I will give you guys both emails soon here. Thanks for getting back to me.



Hi @DougiD

I’m based in Victoria, BC and would love to help with this project -

I just sent you an email with my contact details


Blake Crouch