Older WikiHouse versions

WikiHouse Skylark might be our latest building system but before Skylark there were other versions of the system, each named after a different bird. Here we explain each name:

WikiHouse Wren: Wren was the first WikiHouse system and approximately 50 houses worldwide have been built with it. The last Wren release (v 4.3) was in 2016 and it is no longer supported, however you can still access old Wren files via Github.

WikiHouse Blackbird: This system was developed based on learnings from Wren. A few projects were built using it, including the Cotteridge Park Community Cafe in Birmingham.

WikiHouse Swift: This is a fork from Wren, adapted by our friends in The Netherlands. A pilot project has been built in Almere and you can find more details in GiHub.

WikiHouse Weaver: Weaver is a system for internal stud walls. We will be working on the latest version that connects with Skylark.

WikiHouse Skylark: The latest version of the WikiHouse system. It has considerably simplified blocks that can be configured in many ways. Released in February 2022.