OSB vs. Plywood comparison: Which OSB type?

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Regarding the comparison between OSB and plywood: Could you specify which OSB grade was used? Was it OSB/4? Thank you!

Hello- it’s OSB3. @Gabriele has just done a video on this - you can watch the bit about the specimens here: https://youtu.be/OAwCI02ihZk?feature=shared&t=197

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Hello @Mel,

Thanks! Maybe you could update the research paper accordingly - or did I miss it there?

Dear @Gabriele,

Could you clarify why you used OSB3 and not OSB4? My understanding is that OSB4 would be much stronger.

PS: I’ve gone through the video and materials before, but I couldn’t pinpoint the specific OSB grade mentioned. Even after checking the transcript, it remained unclear.

Hi @Medic ,
thanks for the feedback! It is OSB3.

Sorry my bad, you are right. There is no reference to which OSB or its properties in the beams paper.

All the data about the material properties are in another paper, you can find it at this link: WikiHouse
It is the same that appears in part of the video.

Let me amend the beams paper to redirect the reader to the material one, and also add the link into the comments.

Furthermore, yes, I have also come across OSB 4 (although quite recently). That seems super promising. We will definitively have a better look into it. Thanks for recommending it!

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Hi @Gabriele !


I will open another topic regarding potential health issues using plywood and/or OSB.

PS: Safe Plywood and OSB Choices: Ensuring health-friendly building materials in WikiHouse projects

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