PEG for next new versions

Hi from ZEWAHO team in Czech Republic.
I have prepared HW for production in our new space/shopfloor 2xCNC machines,4 spindles in total, ready for first testing. But now I am a bit confused if data are prepared to work without PEGs and maybe even without combos. Can you please clarify that as I do not want to start production/prototyping with skylark model version without future progress and update?
Thank you @Mel @Jason
Regards from Czech Zewaho team

Hi Jiri,

If I understood the latest community event correctly the next versions of Skylark will no longer use pegs and combs in its designs, with a timeline for spring next year for the first release of the new version to launch (currently in development).

They also mentioned that you can still use the current versions of Skylark and model / build with it fine. However I understand your question as I am feeling similar to you – I do not want to start planning with the current version of Skylark if I know that a new and improved version will come out in a few months. I guess it depends on what your purpose for the production is? If it’s to test and get familiar with WikiHouse and how to build with it, it’s potentially still worth it, but if it’s to actually build a home that you are going to live in, it might be worth waiting for version 0.2 to be released?

Would be good to hear the WikiHouse team’s thoughts on this!

@JennHuygen is right, it really depends on what your plans are. Are you just prototyping one or two blocks or beginning production for a project? If it’s a project and you are ready to start, use the v0.1 as currently available. And if you’re just prototyping, for example a wall block, you are welcome to experiment with the v0.2 200 series blocks available in the dev branch (GitHub - wikihouseproject/Skylark at dev).
Just to reiterate, Skylark v0.1 works perfectly well, so it’s ok to use it. If you have any other questions about your project please let us know.