Peter Heßbrüggen - Energy Efficiency Expert and Sustainable Innovation Designer

Hello everyone,

My name is Peter Heßbrüggen, and I’m an expert in sustainable innovation with a background in mechanical engineering and extensive experience in developing and implementing sustainable products and services.

I have a particular interest in developing methods and tools for designing sustainable innovations. In my research, I’ve developed a framework called the “Sustainable Generation Model,”.

I believe that open-source initiatives like WikiHouse can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices in the building industry. I look forward to sharing my expertise and experiences with the community and learning from others.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Sustainable Innovation: Developing and implementing methods and tools for designing sustainable innovations.
  • Smart Energy Systems: Integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies into buildings and infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Product and Innovation Management: Strategies and processes for developing and marketing sustainable products and services.
  • Digitalization: Using digital technologies to support sustainable innovation processes.

I’m excited to exchange ideas with you and look forward to working together on sustainable solutions for the future!

Best regards, Peter Heßbrüggen

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