Plywood choice

There are many plywood options in my local home hardware store. From Spruce ($66), birch ($90) to maple ($109) or treated plywood($104). They are all around 18mm (3/4inch). Can I assume there is no difference from structual point of view, therefore just go with the least expensive one?


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At least in NZ, structural vs non-structural is a certification on the plywood - I would speak to a structural engineer locally before making any large purchases of ply.

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Most plywood has a single veneer layer on each side, and filler in between.

More knots in the veneer will lower the price.

I have not engaged a structural engineer yet. Looks like it’s time. Thanks!

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Hi @fromwaterloocanada ,
to my knowledge, every panel for structural use should come with a declaration of performance (DoP). It’s a sheet with all the info about the mechanical properties (strength/stiffness/etc). Those are the numbers that the structural engineer needs to do the calcs. An example is here

IF you can get it for the different panels, then you can make a more informed decision about which one to choose. The shop should be able to provide it upon request.
Hope it helps!