Plywood with integrated vapor barrier and/or insulation?

Would it be possible, or even make sense to do a wikihouse with plywood that has integrated vapor barrier or insulation?

Do you have a link to the product?

Plywood itself is vapor barrier. If you would use inside construction plywood walls as vapor barrier, you need to fill up this requirements: (it will works on Swift model)

  1. Build the frame
  2. Place inside wall panels
  3. Fill up all holes with sealant for joining the vapor barrier
  4. If you would like to be 200% sure, make paint all the joints with synthetic or rubber paint from the outside.
  5. Continue with isolation and outside wall panels
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The Huber ZIP system is a great system.
They have a few more products like the Advantech waterproof chipwpod.
But delivering this kind of materials out of USA is kind of hard and expensive.
So enjoy it if you have the good access to it.

Has anyone found similar ZIP system or Advantech in other parts of the world?

I think it would be a great idea if we can make on this forum a database with compatible materials for WikiHouse systems.
@Mel is this a possibility to get such lists in a place in the forum?

The huber website isn’t working here, but via other websites I got an idea about this Zip-system. If you ask me it doesn’t look like a sustainable product in a way of biobased or circularity. Can it be reused? Or is this special layer removable? I’m wondering what kind of chemical? proces it needs to create this system. May be someone knows?