Question about connecting the floor and the doorway.

Hello from Samara, Russia!

I accidentally came across this project and would like to try out the WikiHouse construction technology. We have our own workshop where we work with wood, 2 CNC machines, and everything necessary for building houses.

During the design process in SketchUp, I encountered a problem. In the Skylark 250 kits, the openings in the bottom plate of the doorways do not align with the floor. They are smaller and offset. I also checked the CNC cutting files and found the same problem. I would like to clarify if we are doing something wrong or if this is indeed an error and we simply need to edit the cutting files.

I am also interested in when to expect the CNC cutting files for the Skylark 200. We would be happy to collaborate with you, offering our ideas and constructive solutions. This month, we plan to build a small house with Skylark 250 modules to practice the production technology.

Sincerely, Ivan!

Couldn’t attach images, here are links to them.

I will have a look when I am back at desk but here are those images if anyone is interested.

I was about to report this exact same problem but with the simple design kit, viewed in sketchup. I have also reported something similar on the 200 series:

Is there something we can do to help? Should issues like these be reported here? Or is the github repository a better place?