Sauna inspired by WikiHouse

I was inspired by the WikiHouse system to create something…a little different.

I don’t know how helpful this is to the discussion here but I just want to acknowledge this was inspired by the community’s work which I have followed closely (except where I make mistakes).

The issue was that I had a $500 homebuilt CNC and I wanted to reduce the risk of screwing up large item cuts on plywood/AdvanTech. I also wanted to reduce the weight of components so I could do most the work myself without rigging.

The assembly to this point took 4.5 hours (I had help from 1 person!).

I think this set-up works nicely for something within the 8ftW X 10ftH X (x)ftD range. I might build a smaller greenhouse unit that’s clad with nice plywood on the inside tabs in a couple sections (depending on placement in garden and moderating sun exposure) and the entire exterior clad in double-wall polycarbonate. It would be a fun way to exhibit the structural elements.

As a new user I am limited to one photo but I can try post more if people are interested.


I would love to see more!

Ooo really interested. For Sauna but also for spaces like a laundry house which is something our family group are asking for now.

Still can’t upload more than one image so I will make a couple posts.

Laid everything out on a pressure treated deck plane.

Laminated (w/glue and screws) the 5 “rib frames” together so they were double ply thick.

Started assembly: “spacers”; and “tabs” glued/screwed inside and outside.

The “rib frames” are about 8.5 inches deep to accommodate R30 Rockwool. They are spaced 30 inches apart OC to for the 14.5 inch wide battens – this was slightly arbitrary. I didn’t realize how easy it was to trim the Rockwool.

I put Rockwool in floor before putting subfloor on top. Not sure that was the best workflow but I had to do this before framing out the gable ends.

Ready for cladding.

Experimented with the .5 inch Zip system from Huber. WRB and sheathing in one. There was a little give along the gable axis. This sheathing locked everything in fast.

Fusion360 file.

I’ve shrunk the door down here a little to keep heat in. There is a transom window in back and one side window.

To be wood shingled!

And most importantly, the interior bench configuration for sauna.

Sorry for all the posts!

This is great! Is this one of the Wikihouse systems directly, or is it derived from one of them (I’ve only worked with Skylark)?

Do you mind sharing your 3D models?

OBJ and F3D

What an interesting coincidence. Are you planning on cutting some skylark blocks as well? I am building lowrider cnc as well. How is it working for you? Anything I should watch out for?

I think if I was building anything bigger I would definitely do skylark.

I love the lowrider. For prototyping it is amazing.

If anything breaks it’s not a big deal.

If you spend just a little time squaring - it’s accurate to a 1 mm or so over sheet of plywood - which is more than adequate for my purposes. People obsess on the V1 forum about accuracy - just do your best and start building stuff asap!

I have built all the furniture in our house, two sailboats and this sauna.

Install a camera to watch from phone. You can hear when something goes wrong as there is a high pitched squeal. I just listen to lots of audio books with it on in background. But really be watchful with 1/4 inch bits…they won’t break under pressure and will just bore a hole or a fire!