Scale models

Hey Guys,

It looks like we lost all scale models from the Slack. I am going to address young audience at our local school and wondering it might be a good idea to take some laser cut models - WREN, BLACKBIRD or SKYLARK.

Do we have a git repo? Or downloadable links?



Yes, let me have a look through the archive. Were they posted by you? Do you remember roughly when/in what channel?

Hi Mel,

I never created one hence I was just hoping I can access old ones that people has posted. if not then I will just scale it all down and cut it.

Thank you.

Hi @Piyush

I am in the middle of designing a 1/6 scale model (18 mm → 3 mm). I was planning on justing using the scale function on any CAD package. However due to the number of assemblies and subassemblies I’ve decided to use a small diameter end bit rather than a laser cutter. The sheet size for 3 mm is different to the 4x8 to so the parts will need to be renested before getting gcode. I’m more than happy to share the repo once it’s ready!

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@Piyush please let us know how you get on with the local schools! Sounds super interesting :slight_smile:

I co-created the old scale model channel on slack for wikihouse. Seems I’d have to pay to get access to the old archive records that were posted. Or is it truly the case that all posted scale models are not salvageable? I have my own server and non-profit hosting derivatives of wikihouse & open source ecology housing models. Most of my scaled wikihouse models for laser cutting should be hosted on the Open House Party server. Would you all appreciate a url link to the Open House Party repository? I would appreciate feedback on how to host engaging intangible public housing assets for production demos.


I would love access to some scale models! If there is a GitHub or other repository to host these I would appreciate it.