September: Weeknotes #31

Can also be found here: Week notes #31 - by Mel - WikiHouse

Event next week
We are coming back from our summer break with a really special one. Piyush Prince from Pulp Build will join us this Thursday 29th at 8.30am UK time to talk about all things manufacturing. Piyush has been working with WikiHouse for a few years now and probably knows more than most! The event will be recorded as usual. Sign up here.

WikiHouse in NL nominated for the ARC22 innovation award
Yes, the Almere neighbourhood is up for an award again! Read more from Vincent here. You can also hear him talk about Almere in more detail here.

October madness
We have been working with clients on a couple of Skylark projects in the UK - and they are all getting built next month! We are a little exhausted from all the work that’s been going on behind the scenes but also VERY excited to see it all happening. We will of course share photos and videos and learnings with you.

Our first Skylark project
I received these gorgeous photos from the Peak District last week. This was our first project built using Skylark in April and clad a bit later this summer. What a beauty.

WikiHouse in Ukraine
A while ago we were approached by Ukrainian architects looking for help to build houses for those displaced by the war. You can follow their story and watch this brilliant video of how they are using WikiHouse (Wren) to achieve this.

Our new Discourse site is slowly taking shape. We will be moving our forum activity to Discourse this autumn and look forward to welcoming you there!