Skylark 200 development branch

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your interest and help with developing and testing the Skylark system to date. It’s incredible to see how far Skylark has come since our early concepts, and already some fantastic projects built using this system.

I’m happy to announce the next major update to Skylark (0.2) is in development right now, and builds on lessons we have learned by removing the need for combs and pegs entirely! For those who are interested in being part of the ongoing development, there is early access to the work-in-progress design kit models for the 200 series on the new Github Skylark dev branch here:

We’ll continue to work on and prototype these blocks over the next weeks to get them to the point where they are ready for a general release on the library as v0.2.0 :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for sharing this and good to hear the updates this morning. I look forward to testing these blocks and doing some modelling.

The timeline towards spring 2023 this morning also mentioned Skylark 250 to have this development branch, do you know when this will become available?


I’ll tag @Clayton here so he can reply directly

Hi @JennHuygen
Yes it will include Skylark 250 as part of the update, and it makes sense that eventually 0.2 versions for both series are realeased together. We’re beginning the updates for 250 and working through the new connections, so I can’t give an exact timeline yet but I expect a development branch will be available before the end of the year.

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For anyone wanting to access the 200 design kit in dev - here’s how to download the skp file