Skylark 250 development branch

Season’s greetings everyone! :christmas_tree:

Thank you all for being part of a fantastic year for WikiHouse and I’m very excited about our big plans for 2023!

A couple of months ago we released the first Skylark 200 v0.2 files in our Github development, and I’m happy to now be able to share the development release of the Skylark 250 v0.2 update for everyone to play with, test and build on. This kit includes some welcome additions such as stairs, mono-slope roofs, gable walls, and new window blocks - with many more to come.

We will continue to finalise this kit in the new year and do a full update to the blocks in the current website library, including cutting files and assembly manuals by the Spring. See you all again soon in the new year! :tada:


Amazing, thank you! I’ve been looking forward to this. Has the team made any advancements in regards to the bow ties/combs in this version?



I’m having trouble downloading the sketchup file from the github. Selecting download takes me to a raw.github page full of symbology. What am I doing wrong here?

At the point where you left click the ‘download’ button, right click instead and ‘save link as’…
This will save a copy of the skp file to your drive. Open it from there.


That’s amazing Clayton, thanks for the work and for keep it open for all the community

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It’s awesome! So there’s some significant changes and improvements to Skylark in here. I see for example elements for a sloping roof, and also, a full redesign of the base (END) elements, which now seem to be designed to rest on a 150x150 beam structure.
As for a sloping roof, I guess this is designed to use the existing corner elements?

Good stuff, thanks to everyone who contributed to this!

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I’ve noticed that the verge components now have an interior ribbing. I actually don’t understand what the purpose of this is, does anybody have a good answer?

Hi @matmoo, the internals ribs allow you to sit the verges on top of lintels.
In v0.2, verges and end beams are made of small modules instead of being a single element. By doing so, we think that the assembly will be easier. The “price” is that the 0.2 verge & end beam do not have any bending stiffness. That’s fine when the blocks are fully supported by the wall blocks below. If there is a window or an opening, you need a lintel to support the end beams/verges. Hope it makes sense!

Hi Gabriele, as this v0.2 is new to most of us and we have not seen 3D models and video of how to work with yet, does it mean that lintels belong only on the side where verge and end beam are?
How about the next side of building? The lintels do not fit floor panels if we use a similar window block.
See pics below and our 3D model - probably not correctly created.

3D model of “250” v0.2: Blocks Test - Skylark 250 v0.2.0 - Download Free 3D model by zewaho [347522d] - Sketchfab

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Hi @jiri_strunc, lintels in principle should work on both sides and being compatible with windows. I looked into your model and it looks good, I think there is something wrong with the 2.4 m lintel block itself. It misses the “hooks” to anchor into the wall. We might need to break that block into two separate pieces as we reached probably the maximum length of the panel :thinking:. Apologies for that, we rushed to release a development branch for the community to start seeing how v 0.2 looks like before the end of the year, but there might be some details/clashes to fix here and there. As soon as Clayton is back from paternity leave in a couple of weeks, we are going to systematically review each block.
“How to videos” area also on the list. If you have any suggestions or things that you would like to see please let us know!

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