Skylark 250 ridge beam, ties, pegs, skylight block

Hi. Does anyone know if the ridge beam is necessary for a M size one level wikihouse? And if so, does anyone know if there are any blocks out there which have been modified to use this beam?

Also when designing with Skylark 250, I saw that the pegs disappeared from the block library. They are not longer needed? I find it difficult to finish my design of the house as I don’t know if the walls are connected to the slabs only through with the bowties or they need also pegs. From the WikiPavilion pictures i can see that there are no pegs and combs but only bowties. Also for the wall to roof connection how do they connect? In the library block i’ve seen and used lintels which are really good but I don’t know if they replaced the pegs and combs.

Also has anyone used SKYLIGHT block yet? I need a M skylight.


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I’ve seen in the video with the lessons learned after the skylight Barn that pegs and combs were wanted to be eliminated. My question is if they were really eliminated and now the bow ties do the entire work.


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Yes, they have removed the pegs and combs and the new bowties are actually sufficient for the builds now.

This video covers some of the information around the bowties function:

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Hi lachlan,

Thanks so much for sharing the video. For some reason I haven’t come across the videos on structural explanation from Gabriele. I’ve now watched all the older videos in the playlist. It’s actually so great that the combs have been eliminated and the bowties do the job instead. And combs also interrupted the insulation continuity indeed.

I also found the videos on the ridge beam and how it should connect. Thanks!

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