Skylark foundation connections

Hi Gabrielle, Is there any details on your web site which shows a detail of the fixing of the floor Blocks to bearers in raised floor situations? We need to work out how to transfer the hold down loading through to the bearer/piers for wind hold down in cyclonic Australia. Regards Graham Osborne

Hi Graham,
we have used sole plates (basically sawn timber beams), which are connected to the SKYLARK floor beams by using screws (see details/screeshots attached). The sole plate is then connected to the foundations, but that connection depends on the foundation type. Are you planning on using micro-piles ? Is there a standard detail that you normally use?
Hope it helps!
Skylark 200_Sole plate detail_v0.pdf (303.7 KB)

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Thanks Gabrielle,
For getting back to us and just found your email in ‘Promo’ and will shift it to ‘in box’
we have used b 180x 75 LVL which give precise dimensions and good spans with ‘Levelmaster’ adjustable ht angle cleats and 75SHS piers/conc pads.
We are looking at how the Floor Blocks are fixed to the bearers without using Combs.
Do we screw fix the ‘Bow ties’ straight to the bearers?
Also we can use ‘Mega Anchors’ which is a drive in system in more sandy soils .

Graham O

Hi Graham,

A while ago there was a post in the Slack group of a cross section of the wall/floor connection in a Wikihouse and all the layers included.

Unsure if its of any use to you.

Thanks Laclan, I have now book marked that but interested in Skylark 02 connection to bearers/ Floor Blocks in elevated piers, bearers and pad instances. Graham O

Hi Graham,
sorry the screenshots were not very clear. We normally carve the floor block so they can sit on top of the bearer, and then we screw them from the side. Then the columns are connected to the floor beams by using bow ties.
Does this image perhaps help?

Gabriele sure that is a lot clearer- thanks!
Here is wikiairbnb concept that we are working on here in AU.

All the best to the family for this Festive Season
from and please pass on. Graham Osborne


Hi Graham,
it looks gorgeous! Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with. In the meantime have a great Christmas and happy holidays!