SKYLARK200 series is live!

Some good news (and thanks for being patient).

As you may have heard we’ve been working on a slimmer, lighter version of Skylark blocks which we’re calling the 200 series (for the 200mm thickness of wall insulation). While the spans are a bit shorter, these blocks use less material and have a lower cost than the original 250 series, which makes it ideal for smaller, single storey buildings.

The initial library of SKYLARK200 blocks is now live on the website here, with more in the pipeline. There’s also a full database of Skylark blocks in Airtable, if like numbers or looking for more detailed specs.

Most importantly, you can shortcut straight to downloading a detailed design kit for SKYLARK200 containing all the blocks you need in one file or a starter model of a garden studio chassis which you can customise.

While we’re still adding the design kit links the website library, you can download the block kit directly from Github here (in a variety of CAD formats).

And you can also download this garden studio chassis model as part of the design kit

If you encounter any issues with the models do let us know and we’ll get them fixed.
Happy building everyone!