SKYLARK200 updates, fixes, and CNC cutting files are now live! (v0.2.1)

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all your feedback on the Skylark200 models and reported bugs over the past few months. We’ve been working to correct these across the range of 3D block models and also issue an up-to-date set of CNC cutting DXF files for the Skylark200 series! I’m pleased to say this now live on Github and via the WikiHouse web library for you to download, design, and build with :tada:

The summary of updates are:

  • Update of ROOF42, VERGE42, WALL-3R and WALL-4R blocks with slots to accommodate a 400x90mm glulam ridge beam. This is going to be the default solution for supporting WikiHouse pitched roofs, and avoids the need for tricky ceiling ties. You can read more about it here in @Gabriele’s post.
  • Fixed mis-aligned connection between window/door blocks and floor/roof blocks.
  • Moved location of dovetail joint in L & XL corner columns to avoid brittle connections
  • Fixed slight clashes in gable wall blocks, for example WALL-S42-1 and WALL-S42-6
  • Fixed model alignment of parts in End beams
  • Fixed misaligned bow-tie connections between ROOF and VERGE blocks
  • Fixed minor clashes in the VERGE42 blocks
  • DXF CNC cutting files added to Github and the Block library

The new ridge beam details and a few of these fixes will also populate across the Skylark250 series blocks, so keep a look out for the release of the Skylark250 series version 0.2.1 in the coming weeks.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions or suggestions please post them below :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Clayton,
Do you have an information when will be ridge beam details populated across the Skylark 250 series blocks?
Thank in advance