Sound insulation for inside rooms

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my name is Luise and I study product and industrial design in Saarbrücken (Germany). I am currently working on my final thesis, in which I want to design living space modules for communal living. During my research, I came across the WikiHouse system and I could imagine working with it further. Since I’m new here, I have a few questions:
Does anyone know to what extent WikiHouse has already been used for room-in-room solutions?
For the use of WikiHouse indoors, especially the sound insulation of the walls would be interesting, maybe someone can report experiences? Or does anyone know what sound insulation levels can be achieved?

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Hi @Luise Thanks for posting this question!
Yes WikiHouse has been used for some room-in-room builds, such as internal work pods etc. I think for a simple case you may be able to model or calculate the sound transference through the insulation and plywood layers, but more complex is understanding the acoustic properties within a 3D space. The only in-situ testing I’m aware of is the shared party wall between two semi-detached WikiHouses in Sheffield, using the WikiHouse Wren system. I’ve attached the party wall detail below:

The testing was undertaken by Nova Acoustics to determine if the party wall sound insulation was sufficient to meet building regulations. The summary of results are here:

Hope that helps? If you need more details about this I can email you the report.

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Hi @Clayton
I have a similar question regarding acoustics but with regards to sound transfer between floors. My partner is worried about potentially hearing people walking around upstairs. Has testing been done on this or are there any real world experience that you know about?