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Good afternoon.
I’m ready to build my first WIKIHOUS. I have my own equipment to cut the necessary parts. When testing the connections of the parts, I fail to put the parts together. Maybe you can share the information about the offsets you put in the cnc program? What cutters did you use? Did you change anything in the parts, especially the dovetail joints?
Thank you.

Hi Karlis!

Could you take some photos/videos demonstrating how they fit (or don’t fit) together?

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 10.23.31_4aaddbae
Good afternoon.
I set the offset to 0.2 with a 6 mm end mill. After all, it turns out that the sharp corners of the part do not allow to connect.

Hi @Karlis_Belinskis,
maybe someone more expert in the community can give you better advice, but in terms of tolerances, they should be already embedded in the cutting files. That means the external profiles of the cuts are offset by 0.25, and the internal profiles are offset again by 0.25. You can find more details in the manufacturing guideline. By looking at your photo, it seems that the corners look very ‘sharp’, I would expect them to be more ‘rounded’. Could this be due maybe to the speed of the router? Which setting are you using? You might have a similar problem with bow ties if you have this sharp corners