Tool recommendations

Other than a CNC, are there any tools you would recommend to help with building a Wikihouse?

I’d love to see your must-haves and your nice-to-haves

Here the tools I would advice:
These first 2 I use myself daily

If any part is cut wrong on the CNC machine, moves on the vacuum table, needs to be adjusted:
You can just copy a part or a good side of a part to an other part using:


This has saved the day for me many times. Even if on location some part is missing, you can always multiply it on the site.

I can not find the exact type of lift, but one that can go higher is advisable:

This I have heard about GRABO to move sheets around.
@Piyush advices them. But not yet used myself.

@Piyush would you recommend one Grabo or two?

If you check out the manufacturers guide - factory setup there is a handy excel document called ‘working template spreadsheet’ which gives a list of all of the tools and equipment you need to set up a cnc factory.

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I would say you need two on both side. Please note grabo won’t work on OSB. Wikihouse skylark boxes as nice edge to hold on to and they are only 600 wide. Grabo is useful when you have 1.2m x 2.4m boxes which is pretty flat.

Also skylark boxes can come apart in your hand if picked up from wrong side.

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Thank you both! I appreciate it.