What is WikiHouse

Ask any questions about the WikiHouse system, what it can be used for and the principles behind it.

WikiHouse is an open source manufactured building system for buildings. It uses structural timber (usually plywood) sheets which are cut to 0.1mm precision, and assembled into basic building blocks, which can be delivered to site, then rapidly and accurately assembled by almost anyone, even if they don’t have traditional construction skills.

Skylark is the latest version of the WikiHouse building system. The Skylark library of blocks is available here.

Skylark 250 is the main WikiHouse building system. It is intended for use in 1-3 storey detached buildings. The number 250 simply refers to the thickness of insulation in the walls. For more information, view the design guide.

Skylark 200 is a version of the Skylark system with thinner wall and roof elements. It is intended only for use in small, single storey structures (such as garden studios) that have lower structural loading and thermal performance requirements. But everything else about the system is the same.