What software do you recommend?


I’ve just discovered your project and I find it very interesting! And I’d like to thank you for creating all the modules.

I apologise if a similar post has already been created but I haven’t found one.

However, I have several questions. I came across a post in the forum indicating that it is better to use Fusion 360 software rather than sketchup. Because Fusion 360 has better nesting before machining on cnc.

However I also came across another post saying that you should use sketchup because fusion 360 is a bit buggy.

Personally I use sketchup at the moment but I’m not against fusion 360.

What do you think is the best software to use from manufacturing to CNC machining?

I was not able to open the detailed design kit in online sketchup https://app.sketchup.com/ with Firefox. I tried with Chromium as well but it complained I am opening large model and didn’t let me open it at all. When it did open, it crashed.

Would it be possible to publish the blocks as step-files? One block per file. I’d like to try working with the blocks in Freecad and cadquery and it seems step is the only filetype that can be imported.

I have been able to import detailed single block d3m files into Onshape. Interestingly, I can export them as STEP which Freecad is able to import. The whole thing on Linux using Firefox.

Fusion 360 does not offer browser-based access with the free personal license and the downloadable software is only for Windows or Mac and I’d rather stay in the free environment of Linux.