Wik-E-Cargo Bike

Hey all
This has nothing to do with building houses, but as a direct result of trying to promote the Wikihouse system I have developed a plywood electric cargo bike. Way off topic I know, but Wikihouse is culpably responsible. The evidence is here.

and here

Keep up the good work


This is fantastic! What software did you use to model it?

Have you seen OpenBike? https://openbike.cc/
I don’t think they have any cargobikes, but they have some cool designs too.

Hi Lachlan
Yes, I know about Open Bikes and it was useful to see how they had designed their machines.
I did try to model the cargo bike in FreeCAD, but it took ages and I gave up. I drew it in 2D with Librecad and made loads of scale models with a laser cutter. If I get much interest and a bit of money I will generate a proper 3d model and do some detailed documentation.
Thank you for your interest. It is good to know that someone thinks it was time well spent.
Thanks again

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Great to see the finished product, looks fab :ok_hand:

All the best