WikiHouse boathouse?


The WikiHouse project was designed to make home ownership more affordable, but one of the factors that the concept has no influence on is the cost of buying the land. In looking for an alternative, I wondered whether a WikiHouse could be built on a floating platform using elements such as those available here I’d like the community’s opinion on the feasibility of such a configuration.
Thank you in advance for your opinions.

Hi @Snulkit,

It’s definitely an interesting idea! My first thought is - we need to keep the WikiHouse timber frame dry and out the water for it to maintain structural integrity. As long as that is detailed carefully it could work. As a starting point I’d look into any timber floating structures and see how they’ve tackled that detailing.

Best wishes,

Amber (OSL)

House-boats require a lot of insulation and heating in the Winter. Even in Seattle’s mild climate, it is a challenge.