WikiHouse Designs Library

is live!

:eyes: @amscraig


Well done, thanks to the WikiHouse team! :slight_smile:

Really fantastic, what a great step forward, well done to everyone who has worked on these.

I found the Switch House particularly intriguing. Lovely little trick to create a sense of spaciousness. Boy I would love to see a housing development done with these.

With regard to the side walls of terraced housing, how would the sequencing work? How would you fit the bowties to the external side of the wall when you’re building up against another house?

A roof garden version of the Switch house would great. I could imagine a Peter Barber scheme in this pattern:

These designs look great. Thanks to the WH team for putting them together. It looks like some of the designs use new blocks in the 150 series – are those going to be added to the block library?