WikiHouse Project Index of all houses build world wide

Here I share again the WikiHouse Project Index
This a a database of all WikiHouses build world wide.

I would like to invite everyone that has updates about newly build houses to make a comment and I will make the updates to complete the index.

If there are more willing moderators to maintain the database, please contact me.

In the past had a map online with all builders and houses build. This was great and I still have connections from people that contacted me because they found me in their region.

If WikiHouse wants to take back the responsibility to maintain the worldwide database on the website. Just send me a message.


Thanks @melhof will have a look at this and get back to you!

Would be great to update this list! Even better on an online map, and with the possibility to add yourself data and pictures, makes it more visible :slight_smile: Also like you said, it can help people from same country or region to connect with eachother.

May be would be wise to create categories, for example:

  1. initiative
  2. design
  3. engineered
  4. constructed
  5. files shared
  6. …?

Eventually checked by moderators, bit like wikipedia? Make it more open, now it’s a closed list.

Let me know for some help, may be as moderator. Or else create a small international project group for this?

And if OSL/ WikiHouse UK prefer to have the responsibility or may be even have funding for such a thing, then its ok too of course.

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