Wikihouse project management

A while ago there was mention of a project management board/Gantt Chart of an end-to-end Wikihouse build process but it was held back from being published because it wasn’t finished yet.

Is there any chance you could publish as/is? I’m approaching the point where a more formal process would help a lot with clarifying order of operations and would really love to see what you have developed so far.

Totally understand that there are national/regional differences in requirements, but as a jump-off point, it would be great to see what you have developed for the UK.

This is what I’ve produced so far, but it would be good to compare to another project to spot what I’ve missed.

Yes… We are going to make it public later this week :slight_smile: I’m tidying it up just now!

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@lachlan This is a draft in-progress version of a WikiHouse project programme, for a project assumed to be in the UK. It comprises of main tasks, divided into sub tasks for the various stages of a project. We, too, have used Notion to create it and it is available in different views, including a Gantt chart. Please note that this is not the finished version but we are happy to share it as-is with the community for your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is great.

Mel, are you able to provide a complete zip download link for all of the files? I’d like to reference/cite your work with Wikihouse and host your files on my own Open House Party Server for affordable housing development and indexing of public resources.