WikiHouse Workshop Class in Portugal

Hello from Portugal!

We recently did a workshop class to build a small indoors structure using Skylark 200 blocks, in the School of Architecture Arts and Design of University of Minho (EAAD). The project was a collaboration between the research team at ACTech Hub and the Special Structures curricular unit.

The Design consists of a small 3 by 6 block structure, on wheels and divided in half, to be used as an “office” to control the robot, and as a exposition space when we want to share our projects. To achieve this, we adapted a few blocks to work on a 180cm internal span, and cut using a KUKA robot, that can be seen in the background.

We faced some challenges, as the robot coding interpolated and smoothed quite a few curves, especially the dog-bones and bow-ties, as well as not having the proper setup to make the cuts, resulting in “not-so-accurate” pieces. We also found some issues with some of the blocks themselves, and we would be glad to share our findings with the dev team.



I am planning a WikiHouse Project in Portugal. My aim is to start building in 2025. If anyone would like to discuss this project with me - a small dwelling in Central Portugal - please feel free to contact me. There may be an option to look at this from an academic perspective for students. I lecture in Engineering & Construction in the UK.



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