WIKIHOUSE in Czech Rep progress

Dear Skylark Wikihouse Fans,

I have been enthusiastically following project SKYLARK for several months now. Ever since it became possible to use data from the Skylark project, we immediately started adapting it for our lasers and using it in house model construction. A year ago I decided to acquire a CNC machine, which was a straightforward process: order from Alibaba - pay - unpack - startup, and learn to use. It was beneficial, even though not entirely optimal (covid logistic time).
pic: cnc router

As soon as the Wikihouse team released the V2 data, we began milling individual modules and adjusting the data, encountering a few errors. I was excited about the scalability and the division of the process into three basic parts: designing, manufacturing (CNC production), and Installing (DIY home). I want to pass all 3 phases for sure. The last one is the 2024 challenge now.

pic: zewaho projects
zewaho model
zewaho projects

So far, we have been successful in scaling Wikihouse models. We have created small, larger, and multi-story buildings and prepared simple visualizations of both exteriors and interiors to clearly show how they will look from the outside and inside.

We are now focusing on the training mode in CNC production and verifying the quality of CNC data and milling tool limits. I highly appreciate the open-source approach of the Wikihouse project and decided to contribute my bit, as we say in the Czech Republic. I decided to create a kit for the horizontal Beehive, which will be integrated into a small api-house in several designs using the Skylark 200 kit.
pic: api house and bee hive pdf
domek-s-uly-skylark-200-v.0.2.0.pdf (3.8 MB)

To succeed in the Czech wood house market, we must undergo validation and certification by local authorities. This month, I have an appointment at the timber building certification institute and we are collaborating on a test project with the University of Ostrava UNI Ostrava, where we will replicate severalstatic tests conducted in the UK labs.

pic: build of API house inhouse
apihouse inhouse1
apihouse inside1

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and if you are interested in this project in the Czech Republic, do not hesitate to contact us. There is nothing better than successfully adjusting data so that the pieces from the CNC machine fit together like a puzzle, allowing you to create wall and floor modules. And it is amazing when you assemble a micro house and the last module fits with millimeter precision.

If you want to follow our progress, you can find us on Instagram
ZEWAHO Instagram
, where we have visualizations of exteriors and interiors, or on our website, where you can find individual projects along with models and PDF documents at the high graphic level. (web is in czech but pics are clear).

All our skylark models we keep here:
Sketchfab zewaho models

Best regards and play with wikihouse. It is easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Jiri / George
Czech Republic


Thank you so much for the update Jiri!

Hi Mel,

I hope this email finds you well! I’m reaching out to discuss a project I’m really excited about. I’m keen on contributing to the Czech wiki community by translating all the guides from the WikiHouse website (Guides) into Czech.

I’ve run into a bit of a challenge, though. The wiki web structure makes direct translation a bit tricky. Is there a possibility for your team to compile the information from each guide into a single PDF file? This format would make the translation process much smoother for me.

Additionally, I’d like to request permission to share these translated guides on our website,, obviously with proper attribution to WikiHouse as the source.

This translation is also crucial for passing local Czech certification, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for considering my request. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Wishing you a fantastic 2024!

Best regards,

Hi @jiri_strunc thanks for this update - sounds so exciting! Would you like to have a call with the rest of the WikiHouse team so we can talk a bit more about what you need and your plans? Let me know what the best email address is to reach you and I can send you a meeting link! thank you

Hi @Mel
my email

Hi @jiri, I’m not sure if you’re getting our emails? Keen to set up a call. We are using your gmail account - and the sender is
let me know!

Hi Czech group.
I am new in this group but with great interest in project as local producer.
I am located in Pilsen and free for use few CNC machines include 2000x3000mm.
For some special purpose is disposal Fiber Laser cutting machine too and Laser welding machine.

Standard usage of these machines is the CNC showroom but is usable for this project too with large production capacity.

If you are interest of use my capacity, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bye Tom