WikiHouse Sauna

I’m wondering if anybody has built a sauna with WikiHouse?

I think the only thing that would be any different to any other WikiHouse would be careful selection of membranes.

A high performance vapour control layer to the interior, perhaps with a reflective aluminium layer to reflect infrared. Or something like Intello DA. To keep humidity in and not diffusing into the structure.

And you’d be wanting to use a nice open rainscreen detail externally, to allow maximum drying of the structure to the outside, therefore a monolithic, black, water tight, UV resistant breather membrane such as Solitex Fronta Quattro externally.

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Really interesting @christiaan ! I can’t think of any built Wiki-Saunas to date, so you might well be the first! I think your membrane choices sound like they should do the job. Have you used the free online thermal envelope tool Ubakus? ( | Graphical editor) It has a good moisture/condensation risk calculator if you put in your wall build up and membrane selections.
I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on :grinning:

@christiaan in case it’s of interest, these guys have been trying to open source a sauna - details here

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